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Cultural and recreational activities

There is one community center in every village. These community centers do not require extensive repairs. There is a communal library that can be accessed commune wide, and there are commemorative monuments in Berzovia and Gherteni.

A Greek-Orthodox church exists in every village of the commune and in Berzovia and Gheteni a Roman-Catholic and a neo-protestant church function. There is a Baptist church in every village of the commune.
In Berzovia, the Greek-Orthodox church bears the wake of the Ascention. Next to this church a monument for the heroes from World War I was built.
In the church statistics from 1757 it was noted that the Jidova village had a wooden church with the wake of Saint John Chrysostom and was built in 1743. According to N.Corneanu, in his biography from 1940, the current church was built in 1812.

Documentary “Berzovia commune” (279MB, 5 min 18 “)

TopCultural organizations in the Berzovia commune
  • The youth choir led by G. Gherga (conductor between 1946 and 1959, and later on) was founded in 1959. In 1949 a youth instrumental group led by Untan Ionel was founded. This group existed until 1954 and in 1965 a pop group was formed that lasted for several years.
  • There was also a group of female singers (1978-1984) and after 1990 a children’s choir was set up by the Orthodox Church in Berzovia. This group was formed only through the effort of the priest Petru Berbentea.

Other groups and cultural organizations in the Berzovia commune are:

  •  The traditional music groups:
    – Traditional music group “Florin Grozdan” from Berzovia, with 5 members
    – Traditional music group “Florin Bosioc” from Gherțeni, with 6 members
    – Traditional music group “Viorel Borduș” from Fizeș, with 4 members.
  •  Choirs:
    – The church’s children choir, with 21 members – Conductor prof. Bîtea Florentina
    – The church’s adult choir, with 16 members – Conductor educator Știopu Livia
  •  Traditional dances:
    Traditional dances group, with 24 members – coordinator Nistor Ghimboașă. The group was founded in December 2007.

TopTraditional products specific to the commune

  • Basketry made by the artisan Cotigă Ștefan
  • Textiles woven by Știopu Gratiana


TopTraditional customs

  • Ruga banățeană, Yearly traditional feast that takes place when the wake of the Orthodox churches in each village is celebrated
    – In Berzovia the wake is the Ascention
    – In Fizeș the wake is the Resurrection”, on Easter
    – La Gherțeni the wake is, the Assumption”
  • Cântăritut oilor (the measurement of sheep)
  • Fășancul (the mask ball) – Catholic custom
  • Balls: The Grape Ball, the Footballers’ ball, the Ball of the Ions, the Martisor Ball
  • Fairs represent a good opportunity to sell local products and to exchange merchandise.

TopImportant people

Important people who were born or who lived on the territory of the Berzovia commune:

  • Gheorghe CROITORU, writer born in Oravița
  • Doina GRECU, mathematician and physician, born in Berzovia in 1943
  • Călin GHINCEA, literary critic, born in Berzovia in 1950
  • Ion ALBU, writer and poet, born in Gherteniș in 1939
  • Radu THEODORU, writer, born in Lipova in 1936
  • Doru POPOVICI, composer, writer and musical critic, born in Berzovia in 1913
  • Călin GHINCEA, professor doctor, literary critic, born in Berzovia in 1950, professor at the school in Berzovia
  • Ion ALBU, professor and poet, formar collaborator of the literary circle ”Tata Oancea” from Bocșa, of the ”Reflex” magazine in Reșița and director of the school in Berzovia, born in Gherteniș in 1939.

Magazine “Journal of Berzovia” – on click to download